Zaatar Spice Blend FAQ

What is Zatar Spice Blend?

Our Zatar Spice blend is a tasty blend of thyme, ground sumach, toasted sesame seeds and sea salt.

What’s the history of Zatar Spice Blend?

There is evidence that a za’atar plant was known and used in Ancient Egypt, though its ancient name has yet to be determined with certainty.

How would you describe the flavour of Zatar Spice Blend?

Zatar has a woody, herbal and citrus taste.

What are alternative names for Zatar Spice Blend?

This deliciously fragrant spice blend goes by a variety of names including zaatar, za’tar, zatar, zatr, zattr, zahatar, zaktar and satar.

What is the suggest use for Zatar Spice Blend?

Za’atar can be used to flavour a wide variety of meals; it lends a tasty tangy flavour to chickpeas and other pulses, it’s often sprinkled over flatbreads prior to baking and served with simple salads or rich meat dishes. Try this aromatic spice blend as a dry rub or wet marinade mixed with oil to add delicious fragrance and flavours to fish, meat, poultry and vegetables. Stir into tahini and add to soups, stews and tagines. Sprinkle it lightly over freshly popped corn to make a tasty aromatic snack, or sprinkle over potato wedges or homemade crisps. Add to minced chicken, turkey or pork with a little chopped onion to make your own deliciously fragrant burgers and serve with flatbreads and a minted yogurt dip. Mix into salad dressings or low fat yogurt to make marinades, dips or toppings for baked potatoes, salads, grilled/baked fish and roasts.

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