Strawberry Fruit Powder FAQ

What is Strawberry Fruit Powder?

Our Strawberry Fruit Powder is dried and powdered Strawberries.

What is the Latin name for Strawberry?

The Latin name for Strawberry is Rose.

What plant family are Strawberries from?

Strawberries are from the plant family known as Fragaria × ananassa.

What are alternative names for Strawberry?

Alternative names for strawberries are Fragaria Virginiana, garden strawberry, wild strawberry, beach strawberry, Chilean and fragaria.

What does Strawberry Fruit Powder look like?

Strawberry Fruit Powder is a light pink fine powder.

What does Strawberry Fruit Powder taste like?

Strawberry Fruit Powder has a fruity strawberry flavour.

What are the health benefits of Strawberry Fruit Powder?

It’s believed that strawberries are a great source of antioxidants and can lower cholesterol levels.

What is the suggested use for our Strawberry Fruit Powder?

Use this powerfully pink powder to add extra colour to your bakes or spoon into your healthy beverages for a fruity boost!

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