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Spicy Vegetable Samosa

Our samosa recipe makes for a delicious snack or works perfectly as an addition to your favourite curry. You can adjust this recipe to make sure your samosas are as spicy or as tangy as you desire!


Crisp Coating

  • Add all of the outer layer ingredients to a mixing bowl and mix by hand. When the mixture starts to crumble add small amounts of water as you knead the dough.

  • When the consistency is firm, cover the bowl with a wet cloth and leave for 20 minutes.

Ginger Green Chilli Paste

  • In a separate bowl, combine the paste ingredients apart from the coconut oil and blend. Add a tablespoon of water if the paste is dry. Finally add the coconut oil and blend until the paste becomes smooth.


  • Peel the potatoes and cut in half. Boil in salted water until soft and then finely chop once cooled slightly.

  • Heat two tablespoons of coconut oil over a medium heat. Add the ginger green chilli paste and cumin seeds and heat for 1 minute.

  • Add your frozen peas, chilli powder, coriander powder, mango powder, garam masala powder, and fennel seeds. Stir while cooking for 1 minute.

  • Add your chopped potato and slightly mash together adding the coriander leaves. Stir the ingredients until they are combined and cook for 3 minutes.

  • Let the mixture cool in a separate bowl.

  • Knead the dough and divide in to six round ball shapes.

  • On a chopping board roll out one ball of dough. This should form a circular shape. Cut the circle in half. You should have two semi-circles.

  • Brush water a long the straight side of your semi circle dough pieces.

  • Roll your dough in to a shape similar to an ice cream cone.

  • Add your filling to the cone making sure not to over fill. Wet your fingers and seal the samosa shut. Repeat until you have 12 samosas.

  • Once all of your samosas are ready to be fried, heat oil in a deep pan on a medium heat. When hot, carefully cook the samosas in twos using a ladle. When your samosas begin to turn a golden brown, carefully remove using a ladle.

  • Leave to cool for 5 minutes before eating and serve with chutney.

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