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Vanilla & Fig Cocktail

The perfect way to celebrate almost any occasion! Using natural flavours from our Vanilla Pods and Organic Figs this recipe will soon become your go to beverage.


  • Slit the vanilla pod open down its length, and scrape out the small, sticky seeds using the tip of a small, sharp knife and add to a pan a long with the chopped figs, sugar and water.

  • Bring the mixture to the boil and then reduce to a medium heat for 10 minutes while stirring. Allow the mixture to cool completely.

  • Once cooled, strain in to a cocktail shaker a long with the the vodka, lemon juice and ice and thoroughly shake.

  • Pour in to a cocktail glass and top up with soda water.

  • Get creative when garnishing, we've used a fresh fig cut in half and a fresh sprig of thyme.

Always remember to drink responsibly.

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