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Summer Soap

Let’s create beautiful summer soaps from the comfort of our home!


  • Place the Castor, Coconut, Tallow and Avocado Oil and Glycerin into a clean slow cooker and melt together. Add 152g of water to a jug, poor in the lye and stir. Pour the lye solution into the oil mixture and blend using a handheld electric blender.

  • Melt the stearic acid in a jug that's placed in a pan of hot water. Once melted, pour the stearic acid into the main mixture and blend with the hand blender until thick.

  • Cover the mixture with a lid and set to cook for 2 hours. In a pan, combine the sugar and 83g of water over a high heat until the sugar dissolves.

  • Add the sugar solution to the slow cooker and mix. Cook for half an hour then add your chosen essential oil scents and colours and mix thoroughly. Pour into soup molds, spray with alcohol and leave for 24 hours. Leave for up to 4 to 6 weeks before using.

We suggest making soap outside with protective gear such as gloves, a mask and safety goggles etc. Always do a 24 hour patch test before using on body.

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