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Spinach & Potato Gnocchi

Make eating your greens easy with our spinach and potato gnocchi, the perfect lunch when served with pesto.


  • Peel 500g of potatoes and boil until cooked.

  • Place the spinach in a pot and using the water from the potatoes, pour on top of the spinach and leave to wilt.

  • Drain the spinach and squeeze out any remaining water by using your hands over a sink or using clean paper towels to absorb the water.

  • Once you've removed as much water as possible, place the spinach on a chopping board and chop the wilted leaves.

  • Slightly mash the potatoes, blend with the spinach and leave to cool.

  • Once completely cool, tip in the egg, spinach powder, flour, nutmeg, salt and pepper and combine by mixing.

  • Dust a clean work surface using flour and roll out spoonfuls of the mixture. Cut small chunks off and roll into balls.

  • Pour water in to a pot, bring to the boil and tip in the gnocchi.

  • When the gnocchi begins to rise to the top they are cooked, this shouldn't take long.

  • Serve with pesto or olive oil and add parmesan on top.

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