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Mushroom Pate

Such an easy, quick recipe that’s so versatile. It’s one of those pâtés which can be used as a spread or dip and everything in between – slather it generously on rice cakes, sourdough, flatbreads or oatcakes.

No more boring weekday lunches once you’ve tried this incredibly earthy, smoky, spicy pâté


  • Heat a frying pan and dry fry the cashew nuts until golden brown – about 1 minute. Remove from the heat and set aside.

  • Heat the olive oil and fry the mushrooms for about 8 minutes on a medium heat, stirring as little as possible until they’re nice and golden brown. Add a little pinch of salt half way through to help draw out the moisture.

  • Whilst the mushrooms are cooking, roughly dice the onion and garlic. Add to the pan with the mushrooms and cook for a further two minutes.

  • Add the chipotle chillies and paprika. Stir well to coat the mushrooms. Season to taste.

  • Put the cashews and mushroom mixture into a food processor and pulse until the mixture comes together.

  • Serve whilst still warm with toasted sourdough or flatbreads or keep in the fridge overnight to deepen the flavour.

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