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Mint & Lime Homemade Soap

Impress your friends and family by making your own luxurious homemade soap.


  • In a glass bowl, mix the lye into the water and leave in a safe place, out of reach of children and pets.

  • In a large glass mixing bowl, mix the olive oil and coconut oil together.

  • Pour the lye and water mixture into the oil mixture and gently combine.

  • Place the bowl in the kitchen sink and using a hand blender, blend the mixture together. Be careful that the mixture does not leave the bowl.

  • When the mixture becomes thick, tip in your essential oils, ground lime leaves, peppermint powder and mix.

  • Carefully pour the mixture in to soap molds (you can also use oiled plastic containers).

  • Cover the soap molds and leave for 24 hours.

  • If the soap is not hard enough to remove from the molds, place in a cold place. Make sure you do not leave the soap in a cold area for too long as the soap will become too hard to cut in to shapes.

  • Once the soap is removed from the mold, cut in to bars and leave to set for as long as possible.

Ensure you wear glasses and gloves throughout the process.

Use essential oils with caution, ensuring they are appropriately diluted. Never apply neat essential oils to the skin. 


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