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How To: Heart Latte

Master the perfect heart shape on top of your loved ones coffee with our how to guide!


  • Start by steaming your milk until it reaches a silky smooth consistency. Now it's time to perfect your pouring speed, not too fast, not too slow!

  • Hold your mug with your coffee in in one hand slightly at an angle towards the milk, start pouring 4 inches above the coffee liquid in the middle of the cup and once you've filled the cup 1/2 way, bring the milk spout as close as you can to the surface of the drink without touching.

  • Continue to pour with a medium speed keeping your location in the centre of the cup. A circular shape will begin to form, once your mug is almost full, bring your pitcher back up and in one swift motion, strike through the circle to form the heart.

  • This might take a few attempts but once you've mastered it you'll be unstoppable!

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