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Homemade Valentine’s Doughnuts

These homemade doughnuts are so easy to make and so easy to devour!


  • Over a low heat, melt the margarine, pour in the milk a long with two tablespoons of sunflower oil and combine. Remove from the heat and leave.

  • In a mixing bowl, sift in the flour, add 50g of sugar, the baking powder and salt and mix. Pour the butter mixture into the middle of the mixing bowl and slowly combine until a thick dough forms.

  • Roll the dough into equal sized balls and form a heart shape with each piece of dough.

  • Carefully heat the oil in a pan, slowly place the doughnuts into the oil using tongs, fry until golden brown and place on to kitchen roll to absorb the oil.

  • Add 50g of sugar to a bowl, roll the doughnuts in the sugar and serve.

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