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Homemade Floral Candles 🕯️

Give these DIY candles as a gift to a loved one!


  • Add water to a large pan, place a small saucepan on top of the water (a saucepan you wont be using for cooking anymore). Heat the water and add the wax to the small saucepan to melt, stirring frequently.

  • Once the wax is melted, remove from the heat, add 15 drops of lavender and 30 drops of rosemary and mix.

  • Secure the wicks to the bottom of the candle friendly containers by dipping the cord in the melted wax. Leave to dry. Secure the wick with a pencil on top.

  • Carefully pour the wax into the containers, stop to add dried flowers throughout. Leave to set then cut the wicks down to size.

Always wear eye protection and gloves when making candles. Never apply essential oils to skin.

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