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DIY Soy Candles

Here’s how you can make your own soy candles at home!


  • Measure out how much wax you need to fill a container then double it. Tip the wax into a heat-proof container over a low heat and leave to melt while stirring frequently.

  • Add your choice of essential oil until you reach the desired fragrance and stir.

  • Dip the bottom of the wick in the melted mixture, hold in place at the bottom of your candle container and leave to sit until hard. (You can also use superglue).

  • Let the mixture cool for a few minutes, once it reaches 140 degrees carefully pour the mixture into the candle container. Hold the wick in place using the pencils and leave for up to 4 hours.

  • Reheat remaining wax and pour back on top for a smooth finish. Trim the wick less than half an inch long once the candle has set.

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