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Creamy Radish Soup

You’ll enjoy making our creamy radish soup just as much as you’ll love eating it! With it’s unique colour, this soup really shines when garnished with bold ingredients. You’ll impress everyone with this Instagram-worthy recipe…


  • In a pan, melt the butter and add the chopped onions, stir and cook until tender.

  • Tip in the vegetable stock a long with the rice and chopped radishes. Over a medium heat, cover the pan and cook until the radish and rice are cooked. This should take around 25 minutes.

  • Carefully pour the mixture in to a food processor and blend until a smooth consistency forms.

  • Tip the mixture back in to the pan on a low heat and add the ginger, yogurt and lemon juice. Be sure to stir the mixture and do not allow to boil.

  • Serve in a bowl with a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle radish, cucumber, parsley, chilli and pepper on top.

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