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Caramelised Banana Pancakes

This is the only pancake recipe you’ll ever need!



  • In a mixing bowl, combine the flour, sugar, salt, banana powder and baking powder. Pour in the almond milk and vanilla extract and whisk until the mixture is smooth.

  • Heat two teaspoons of coconut oil in a pan, carefully wipe the oil around the pan using kitchen paper. Add some of the pancake mixture to the pan using a ladle, gently smooth with the back of a spoon and cook for a minute or two then cook the other side of the pancake. Repeat this process until all the pancake mixture has been used.

  • Stack the pancakes, place in an oven on a low temperature to keep warm.


  • Heat the sugar in a frying pan until it begins to caramelise, stir and be careful not to burn. Take the sugar off the heat, add the butter, two tablespoons of water and the seeds from the vanilla pod. Place slices of banana in to the pan, heat for 2 minutes then flip over and cook for a further 2 minutes.


  • Heat the water and sugar in a pan over a medium heat, bring to a boil while stirring until the sugar dissolves.

  • Reduce the heat, allow the mixture to turn to an amber colour by swirling the pan instead of mixing. This may take some time. Remove from the heat, puree two bananas, add to the mixture by stirring until the bubbling has stopped.

  • Return the pan to the heat, stir the mixture until the colour turns slightly darker, remove from the heat and slowly pour in the double cream and cinnamon while mixing until thoroughly combined. Finally, stir in the vanilla.

  • Stack the pancakes on a plate, top with caramelised bananas and sauce. Sprinkle with toasted coconut and pistachio nuts to serve.

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