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Apple Pie Porridge

There’s nothing like a comforting bowl of porridge on a cold autumnal morning.


  • Tip the chopped apple and a little bit of water in to a saucepan, sprinkle with cinnamon and some golden syrup, occasionally mix while gently simmering, adding more water if too dry. Heat until the apple is soft then roughly mash with a spoon.

  • Tip in the oats, cover with oat milk or water, simmer and mix for a couple of minutes. Add some golden syrup, cardamom, sesame seeds salt and half of the apple mixture. Simmer until the oats begin to soften, adding more water or milk if needed.

  • Place the porridge in a bowl once cooked with the remaining apple mixture. We've decorated ours for Halloween but you can get creative with your own ideas!

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