Pancake Ideas For Kids

Once you’ve mastered the perfect pancake it’s time to get the kids involved! Be inspired and get creative with our fun decorative pancake ideas (it’s also an easy way to get the little ones to eat a little healthier on Pancake Day but they don’t need to know that). Don’t forget to tag us in your pancake pics! @justingredients

The Lion

You’ll need: A banana, chocolate buttons, melted chocolate/spread, black berries and satsumas.

Place a pancake on to a plate, surround the pancake with satsuma segments, place banana slices for eyes, ears and a chin. Cut out another pancake for the mouth, add chocolate buttons for eyes, melted chocolated for ears and whiskers and finally a black berry for a nose!


Bumble Bees

You’ll need: Strawberries, a banana, apricots, mint, chocolate and nuts.

Place a pancake on to a plate, top with a slice of banana and halved strawberries with fresh mint either side to form a flower. Half an apricot, place above the flower, use nuts for wings and use chocolate to create bee stripes.

Ray Of Sunshine

You’ll need: Mango or pineapple, a banana, blueberries and chocolate.

Place a pancake on to a plate, surround with triangles of mango or pineapple, place banana slices and blueberries for eyes and a nose and add a smile with chocolate!

Hungry Caterpillar

You’ll need: A banana, apple, kiwi, raisins and white chocolate.

Create tiny pancakes and over lap one another to form the body of a caterpillar. Use chocolate to form a face and sun and add a splash of colour with slices of fruit.

Love Birds

You’ll need: Strawberries, chocolate chips, pineapple or mango and granola.

Place two pancakes on to a plate, add strawberry slices for wings and hearts, use mango or pineapple for legs and beaks, chocolate chips for eyes, pipe chocolate musical notes above the birds and use a mixture of granola for “bird seed”.

Eat Your Greens

You’ll need: Pecans, almonds, kiwi, carrots, broccoli, a banana and chocolate chips.

Place a pancake on to a plate, cut a smaller pancake in half to form ears, add banana slices for eyes, cheeks and ears, chocolate chips for eyes and a slice of carrot for a nose. Surround the pancake with nutritious snacks.

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