Vegan Pancake Cereal

Join the pancake cereal trend but make it plant-based here!

Healthy Yoghurt Pancakes

You wont find any sugar or eggs in these yoghurt based pancakes but you will find plenty of flavour here!

Vegan Crepes

Celebrate Shrove Tuesday with these classic crepes!





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Moroccan-style rainbow chard pie

January 20, 2017

Rainbow chard and Swiss chard are interchangeable in recipes, but the rainbow variety is prettier. Picture gorgeous jewel-coloured vegetation, with beautiful pink, orange, yellow and red stalks and big crinkled ... Read More

Rhubarb and Ginger Brack

January 19, 2017Dessert

There’s something intensely comforting about a tea loaf. It’s solid and robust, a good, proper, old-fashioned cake. It often has a lovely crunchy crust around the outside, while the inside ... Read More

Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

December 11, 2016News

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas which means you’ll soon be preparing gifts for your loved ones. Once you’ve found the perfect present it’s time to get wrapping! ... Read More