Healthy Meal Preparation

Click here for five different packed lunch ideas, perfect for a healthy yet tasty back to work & school experience

Sticking To Your New Year’s Resolutions

Read our blog post all about how to stick to your new year’s resolutions all year round

Organic Everyday Vegan Breakfast

Start your day the right way with a nutritious bowl of organic, natural goodness.

Find the recipe here

Healthy Beverages

Find our top 5 healthy drink recipes that you need to try this January here

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Try our quick and easy face mask recipe using our beneficial bentonite clay which will leave your skin feeling fresh & healthy

Vegan Chocolate & Banana Smoothie Bowl

Try something new this January! Our smoothie bowl is vegan and healthy, a perfect start to the new year.

Get the recipe here

Green Tea Chia Seed Pudding Bowl

Whip up a couple batches of our healthy green tea chia seed pudding bowl and store in the fridge to make breakfast healthy yet easy

Find the recipe here

Curried Cauliflower Soup With Salt & Pepper Cashew Nuts


It’s never been easier to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the new year! Especially with food blogger, Georgie Eat’s deliciously easy soup recipe which you can find here

Vegan Chai Spiced Almond Butter Cookies


Taking part in Veganuary? Then you have to try these vegan cookies with a glass of your favourite plant-based milk, you won’t regret it!

Get the recipe

Simple Sloe Gin

Celebrating Ginuary? Get creative with our Sloe Gin Fizz cocktail or prepare for the summer by making your own homemade Sloe Gin by following our recipes here

Buckwheat & Beetroot Salad

Try something new! Our buckwheat & beetroot salad isn’t like any other salad you’ve ever tried before…

Find the recipe here 

Vegan Chickpea & Spinach Stew


Whip up our warming chickpea & spinach stew on a cold winters evening. Find the recipe here.

Squash, Kale, Pecan & Cranberry Salad With Poppy Seed Dressing


Healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring. Try food blogger, Georgie Eat’s deliciously nutritious salad.

Find the recipe here

Pumpkin Soup and Homemade Croutons


In need of some comfort food? Try our delicious pumpkin soup with croutons, crusty rolls or fresh bread. Find the recipe here.

Bliss Balls


Fancy something sweet but don’t want to break your new year’s resolution? Try these bliss balls as a healthier alternative to sugary treats!

Get the recipe

Vegan Chilli Hot Chocolate


Don’t miss out this Veganuary, take a look at our hot chocolate recipe with a twist!

Get the recipe.

Make your own beeswax food wraps


Ditch the plastic and wrap up your leftovers in style. Find out how, here





Find great new recipes, discover exciting flavours and learn more about your favourite ingredients.

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