Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil FAQ

What is Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil?

Our organic virgin coconut oil is cold pressed using fresh organic coconuts and is high in lauric acid.

What does Coconut Oil look like?

When solid coconut oil is pure white however, when melted it looks like a transparent oil.

Is our Coconut Oil Soil Association approved?

Yes! Our Coconut Oil is 100% Organic!

How would you describe the flavour and scent of Coconut Oil?

Unsurprisingly Coconut Oil has a flavour and scent of coconuts!

What size is our Organic Coconut Oil?

Our Organic Coconut Oil comes in 500ml jars or 10ltr buckets.

What temperature does our Organic Coconut Oil stay solid?

Our Organic Coconut Oil is solid below 22C.

What health benefits does Coconut Oil have?

It is believed that Coconut Oil can boost good cholesterol, is good for blood sugar and diabetes, boosts energy and some say is a healthier alternative to oil. It is also extremely moisturising for skin and hair.

Where does Coconut Oil come from?

Our Coconut Oil is a product of Philippines.

What is the suggested use for Coconut Oil?

The perfect companion in the kitchen for cooking and baking to replace oil, or in the bathroom as a natural moisturiser, Coconut Oil is one of our most versatile ingredients!

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