Organic Beetroot Powder FAQs

What is Beetroot Powder?

Beetroot Powder comes from an herbaceous biennial root with leafy purple stems that grow between 1–2 metres in height. The leaves are cordate (heart-shaped), with crinkled margins, dark green in colour with purple veins and are 10–30cm in length. The inflorescences present in dense spikes of many 5-petaled flowers, each flower is approximately 3–5mm in diameter, and green or red tinged in colour.

Where does Beetroot Powder come from?

Our Organic Beetroot Powder is a product of Italy and our generic Beetroot Powder is a product of Poland.

How would you describe the flavour of Beetroot Powder?

Beetroot powder has a mildly sweet flavour that is not overpowering.

What are alternative names for Beetroot Powder?

Some alternative names for Beetroot are: Beta Vulgaris, Blood Turnip, Betarraga, Beets, Betterave Rouge, Garden Beet, Red Beet, Remolacha and Scandinavian Beet.

Is our Beetroot Powder certified organic?

Yes! Our Organic Beetroot Powder is Soil Association approved.

What is the suggested use for Beetroot Powder?

Dried Beetroot Powder can be used as a natural colouring to make pink or red coloured pasta, it can also be used to colour French macarons, and also cake batters and biscuit dough.  Beetroot Powder also makes an excellent alternative to artificial red food colourings that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people; it is also an excellent alternative to use for vegans in recipes that call for cochineal. Add to soups, marinades, sauces, salad dressings, ice cream, custards, yoghurt, icing, jam, sweet-n-sour dishes, pasta sauces, in tandoori and tikka dishes to add colour.

How many teaspoons of Beetroot Powder is the equivalent to one beetroot?

1 teaspoon of beetroot powder is the equivalent of 1 whole fresh beetroot.

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