Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Sometimes it can feel like we can’t do enough to say thank you to our Mums for everything they do, but it’s the little things that mean the most. We’ve put together a range of ways you can make this Mothering Sunday one to remember!

Mother’s Day Breakfast

We often get into the habit of making the most important meal of the day a little bland. That’s why it feels extra special when you have a delicious breakfast linedup. Whether you’re going out for breakfast or you’re getting creative at home, you can’t go wrong with a tasty breakfast treat. We suggest having a go at following our Mother’s Day Breakfast recipes…

Loving Latte

A vibrantly pink, organic and immune-boosting beetroot latte, perfect for coffee lovers.

Find the recipe here

Breakfast Pancakes

Incredibly moreish vanilla pancakes, served with a spiced gooseberry compote.

Find the recipe here

Nutritious Smoothie

A natural, organic and healthy breakfast smoothie made with bananas and almonds.

Find the recipe here        

Ricotta & Figs on Toasted Bread

Toasted whole wheat bread, topped with ricotta, fresh figs, thyme and honey.

Find the recipe here

Don’t forget to send us pictures of your Mother’s Day breakfast creations!

Homemade Cosmetics

Health and well-being gifts are an increasingly popular present during Mother’s Day. Making something by hand is a kind gesture and it gives you an excuse to show off your creative flair. Explore our range of luxurious recipes below using all natural ingredients.

Blueberry Sugar Scrub

A gentle way of exfoliating skin using organic virgin coconut oil & blueberries. Leaves skin feeling moisturised and refreshed.

Find the recipe here

Mint & Lime Homemade Soap

Packed with Coconut Oil, Peppermint and Lime Essential Oils, this soap smells good enough to eat!

Find the recipe here

Pink Himalayan Salt & Rose Petal Body Scrub

A luxurious body scrub that’s rich in minerals and uses real rose petals.

Find the recipe here

Bentonite Clay Face Mask

Bentonite Clay is rich in beneficial minerals and when combined with tea tree oil, water and crushed oats creates the perfect clay face mask.

Find the recipe here

For an extra special finishing touch, put your homemade face masks and body scrubs in to a mason jar and decorate with a bow.


Sweet Treats

Everyone loves a treat now and then and Mothering Sunday is a great excuse to indulge in everything sweet!


Get creative with natural colours with our multi-coloured macarons. Pop them in to a decorative box and tie with ribbon.

Find the recipe here

Vegan Berry & Beetroot Cheesecake

You can’t go wrong with cheesecake! Easy to make and a crowd-pleaser, what’s not to love?!

Find the recipe here

Bliss Balls

A healthier treat that’s full of protein for the health conscious Mum’s out there. Not to mention, they’re also vegan!

Find the recipe here

Homemade Chocolate

Anyone who’s a big fan of chocolate will appreciate this gift. Not only does this recipe smell divine, it also looks professional and gives you the opportunity to use Mum’s favourite ingredients.

Find the recipe here

Make sure you tag us in your pictures when you create these delicious treats! We love to see what you’ve made. 

Home Cooked Meal

There’s nothing more special than having someone cook for you. Get creative in the kitchen and impress your loved ones with your cooking skills. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make the time to sit down and spend quality time together. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, your loved one will appreciate the effort.

Organic Chickpea Salad Stuffed Avocados

Serve this super healthy salad with fresh avocados, a drizzle of lime juice and organic chickpeas.

Find the recipe here

Slow Cooked Chicken Stew

A variety of fresh vegetables add life and flavour to this hearty and warming stew, perfect for a cold afternoon.

Find the recipe here

Turmeric & Vegetable Soup

Super easy to make yet extra delicious, this turmeric soup looks instagram-worthy when garnished with croutons thanks to it’s vibrant colour!

Find the recipe here

Paneer Butter Masala

A vegetarian dish everyone is guaranteed to enjoy, filled to the brim with flavourful spices serve with rice and naan bread.

Find the recipe here

Don’t forget to share your Mother’s Day meal pictures with us…


Everyone appreciates a warming cup of tea, it’s a fact! There is a tea for every occasion which is why we think giving the gift of tea is the perfect way of showing how much you care this Mother’s Day. (Just make sure you strain the tea before drinking!)

Rose Bud Tea

Nothing looks prettier than rose buds bobbing on top of rose bud tea.

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Green Tea

Loaded with antioxidants, green tea is a must have tea in every kitchen cupboard.

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Lavender Tea

You wont find a nicer scented or more relaxing tea than lavender infused in hot water.

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Hibiscus Tea

It’s been said that drinking hibiscus tea can boost immune systems, all we know is it tastes delicious!

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Send us pictures of your Mother’s Day tea hampers…


Gift Card

The perfect gift for the avid baker or cook and even the creative! Allowing someone to shop online and purchase whatever takes their fancy is a gift that everyone can enjoy. From baking and cooking ingredients to cosmetic and craft,  there’s something every Mum can enjoy on our website.

Find our gift card here


When you’re a budding baker or cook there’s nothing better than receiving a hamper packed full of ingredients. Give the gift of creativity this Mother’s Day by adding our high-quality ingredients into a hamper lined with decorative tissue paper. From wholefoods, superfoods, herbs, spices and botanicals there really is something for every-Mum!

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