Liquorice Juice Sticks FAQ

What are Liquorice Juice Sticks?

Liquorice Juice Sticks are made from the liquorice root which is boiled in water . The decoction is separated from the solid residue of the root, and is evaporated until a sufficient degree of concentration is attained.

Where do Liquorice Juice Sticks come from?

Our Liquorice Juice Sticks are a product of Italy.

What’s the history of Liquorice Juice Sticks?

Originating in southern Asia and then spreading through the Middle East and into southern Europe, liquorice is first reported in England as growing at a monastery in Pontefract, from whence its fame spread to the States and beyond, and all from the root of a plant related to the pea!

What do Liquorice Juice Sticks taste like?

Our liquorice juice sticks have a flavour reminiscent of aniseed and fennel and are made from 100% liquorice juice, each stick is roughly 25g.

What is the suggested use for Liquorice Juice Sticks?

Dissolve these juice sticks into water to make digestive drinks, they can also be added to syrups of blackcurrant and other ingredients to make syrups and cordials to help ease colds and catarrh, coughs and hoarseness.


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