How To Build The Perfect Christmas Cheeseboard

Having people over for Christmas celebrations or just fancy a festive feast to nibble on at home? It’s time for a cheeseboard!

What cheese do you need?

Essential Cheeses: You can’t go wrong with a classic cheddar, guaranteed to please everyone’s taste buds and it goes with just about everything.

Soft Cheese: A nice brie is a must-have especially at Christmas time!

Blue Cheese: You’d expect to see a strong Stilton on any great cheese platter…

Christmas Classics: Sweet and tangy Wensleydale with Cranberries… need we say more?

Other popular cheeses include: Red Leicester, Gruy√®re and don’t forget a Goat’s Cheese.

What about crackers and breads?

In our opinion, only providing crackers on a cheese board gets a bit boring so make sure you get your hands on some fresh bread to add different texture and flavour to your cheeses.

What beverages will suit my cheeseboard?

A sweet white wine will cut through the richness of cheese but avoid dry white wines especially with flavourful cheeses! A traditional drink you often see cheeseboards partnered with is a bold red wine but remember, wines over 15% ABV taste better with intense tasting cheeses whereas, wine under 12% ABV are less intense and match well with delicately flavoured cheese. You could alternatively serve a beer as long as it isn’t too strong, something like a pale lager would work well.

What fruit should I serve?

Grapes are a great palate cleanser between each cheese but try mixing things up a bit with pears, apples and figs.

What chutneys should accompany my cheeseboard?

The world of chutneys is huge, we could go on forever about all the fantastic tastes out there but for a Christmas cheeseboard we’d suggest a classic caramelised onion chutney, a tangy apple chutney and if you can get your hands on one, a fig chutney as well as a real ale chutney. Don’t limit yourself to chutneys only, cheese is simply divine when paired with honey…yum!

Should I add meats?

Charcuterie are a fantastic addition to your cheeseboard! An assortment of Italian meats such as salami and prosciutto will not only taste delicious, they’ll also provide a pop of colour and contrast in textures.

Is there anything else I’m missing?

Yes! Don’t forget to pile on the snacks. Nuts are a firm favourite at Christmas as well as olives and even some leafy salad greens.

When to take your cheese out the fridge.

Take the cheese out of your refrigerator one to two hours before serving so the cheese reaches room temperature. This will bring out the flavour of your cheese and will be much easier to cut into.

Extra touches you can add…

Spoon your chutneys into small festive bowls, keep your honey in it’s original jar, provide plenty of cheese knives and even a couple bread sticks.

How to build up your showstopping cheeseboard.

Start with the biggest items first, so if you’ve placed your chutney into bowls we suggest placing the bowls on the board first, then add the cheese. For different textures and shapes, keep some cheeses whole and slice others. Don’t be afraid to stack and overlap for more depth! Stack slices of meat on to the board, fanned out in a line or fold into different shapes so they take up less space. Next it’s time to add slices of bread and your crackers around the edge of the board, then the fruit and finally fill in any small gaps with nuts and olives. For an extra colourful touch you can add leafy greens around the edges, tucked under the bread and crackers.

When to serve your cheeseboard.

The great thing about cheeseboards is they can be left out for your guests to help themselves whenever they feel peckish. Traditionally a cheeseboard is for after a meal but it’s Christmas, if you want a cheeseboard for breakfast who cares!

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