Homemade Halloween Crafts

Here’s how to make spooktacularly impressive homemade halloween crafts! 👻 🦇 🎃 💀 🕷️ 🍬

Toilet Roll Monsters

A fun way of re-using toilet roll tubes that kids will love (and adults too!)

You need:

Toilet Roll Tubes 🧻

Craft Paper 📰

Paint or Colouring Pens 🎨 🖌️

PVA Glue

Scissors ✂️

Method: Paint or colour in the tubes, wrap in tissue paper for a mummified monster or paint on monster features.

Halloween Garland

Halloween themed garlands can be pretty pricey so have a try at making your own for half the price!

You need:

String 🧵

Miniature Pegs

Craft Paper 📄

Scissors ✂️

Pen 🖊️

Method: Draw your desired shape on to the craft paper (we’ve gone for bats, pumpkins and ghosts) add faces with a pen, peg to the string and you’ve got yourself a spooky garland…

Mummified Lanterns

Another money saving craft that’s easy to make at home… DIY mummified lanterns!

You need:

A glass jar

Battery operated candle (don’t use a real candle!) 🕯️

Tissue paper or bandages 🧻

Craft paper 📄

Scissors ✂️


Method: Tightly wrap the tissue paper or bandages around the clean jar and tie. Carefully cut a set of eyes out of paper and glue them together. Pop a battery operated candle inside and watch as your mummified lantern lights up.

Origami Bats 🦇

Once you’ve mastered these origami bats there will be paper bats popping up all over the place!

You need:

Black Craft Paper 📄

Jack O’ Lanterns Without The Mess

Cutting a hole in a pumpkin and scooping out the guts can be pretty messy (not to mention dangerous!) Give this technique a go instead and your jack o’ lanterns will last even longer…

You need:

Pumpkins 🎃

Paint 🎨

Paint Brush 🖌️

Method: Paint the pumpkin white or keep it orange and paint or with a pen draw on a spooky face!

Graveyard Lanterns

Let’s get spooky with these DIY graveyard lanterns…

You need:

Glass Jars

Glass Paint 🎨

Permanent Marker 🖊️

Battery Operated Candle (don’t use a real candle!)🕯️

Method: Paint the clean glass with a thin layer of glass friendly paint and leave it to dry completely. Using a permanent marker or black paint, add a spooky image, pop in your battery operated candle and voila!

Cupcake Decorations

It’s time to find out just how easy it is to save money on cupcake decorations!

You need:


Felt or Craft Paper 📄

Scissors ✂️


Method: Draw your spooky design on to the paper or felt, carefully cut out, stick to a toothpick and you’ve got yourself a Halloween cupcake decoration…

Spooky Glasses

Transform your everyday glasses into spooky characters!

You need:


Glass Friendly Pen or Paint 🎨

Method: This one’s pretty simple. All you have to do is draw a spooky face on to your glass and fill it with your favourite drink.

Pumpkin Balloons

Get the party started with custom spooky balloons!

You need:

Orange Balloons 🎈

Permanent Marker 🖊️

Black String 🧵

Method: Blow up your balloons, tie the end so no air can escape, tie with string and draw on a spooky face!


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