Halloween Quiz

So you think your’e spooky? Test your Halloween knowledge with our frightfully fun quiz!

  1. What is the night before Halloween known as in some countries?
  2. In the correct spelling of Halloween, where is the apostrophe placed?
  3. Who invented jack-o’-lanterns?
  4. What popular fall festival activity did the Romans bring to Britain?
  5. How long has Halloween been around for?
  6. What is a hallow?
  7. In medieval times what was trick-or-treating known as?
  8. Which American candy is a popular Halloween sweet?
  9. Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated in which country?
  10. What is a lycanthrope better known as?
  11. Which food is used to ward off vampires?
  12. What is the name given to the day after Halloween?
  13. What was the name of Mona The Vampire’s cat?
  14. What is the name of the Celtic harvest festival that many people believe Halloween is based on?
  15. What is the name of the well known friendly ghost?
  16. What type of branches, laid across a vampire’s grave, prevent it from rising at night?
  17. Why are black cats associated with witches?
  18. Who was Frankenstein?
  19. How many bones are inside our bodies?
  20. What do vampire bats feed on?
  21. Mummies of pharaoh kings had what placed in their eye sockets?
  22. Where is Transylvania?
  23. What do you call the fear of Halloween?
  24. What does it mean if you see a spider on Halloween?



  1. Mischief Night
  2. Hallowe’en
  3. Ireland
  4. Bobbing for apples
  5. 2000 Years
  6. A saint or holy person
  7. Guising
  8. Candy Corn
  9. Mexico
  10. A Werewolf
  11. Garlic
  12. All Saint’s Day
  13. Fang
  14. Samhain
  15. Casper
  16. Aspen
  17. The cats’ dark coat was linked with evil during the inquisition
  18. The scientist who created the monster
  19. 206
  20. Blood
  21. Onion
  22. Romania
  23. Samhainophobia
  24. A loved one is watching over you

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