Green Cardamom Pods FAQ

What are Cardamom Pods?

Cardamom is a spice made from the seed pods of various plants in the ginger family.

Where do Cardamom Pods come from?

Our Green Cardamom Pods are a product of Guetamala.

What’s the history of Cardamom Pods?

Cardamom is native to the East originating in the forest of the western ghats in southern Inida, where it grows wild. Today it also grows in Sri Lanka, Guatemala, Indo China and Tanzania. The ancient Egyptians chewed cardamom seeds as a tooth cleaner; the Greeks and Romans used it as a perfume.

What do Cardamom Pods look like?

Cardamom pods are spindle-shaped and have a triangular cross-section. The post contain a number of seeds, but the entire cardamom pod can be used whole or ground.

How would you describe the flavour and odour of Cardamom Pods?

Cardamom is aromatic with a strong slight eucalyptus aroma.

What are alternative names for Cardamom Pods?

Alternative names for Cardamom include Green Cardamom, Small Cardamom, True Cardamom, Cardamomo, Cardamome, Kardamom, Karde-mumma, Hale, Habahaan, Cardamamus, Cardamone and Choti Elaichi.

What is the suggested use for Cardamom Pods?

Cardamom partners well with meat, poultry and vegetables and can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes, add the crushed seeds to bread, cakes, biscuits and flapjack recipes. It is one of the spices used to make Chai tea, imparting a camphorous, lemony zing to the tea; it can also be added to mulled wine and spice cordials. Add to spiced rice dishes such as pilau, soups, stews, curries and tagines. Cardamom can also be added to spice mixes when stewing fruit, making chutneys, compotes and even to ice-cream and chocolate truffles!


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