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What is Fairtrade? 🤔

The people who grow the things we love to eat, drink and wear deserve to be paid fairly for their work. With a stable income, they can invest in their communities and break the cycle of poverty.

Through Fairtrade, farmers have the chance to educate their children, improve their housing and invest in clean water to keep their community healthy. Fairtrade can transform whole communities, but only if enough people choose to support it.

Fairtrade Organic Turmeric

Enjoy the deep flavour and bold colour Turmeric has to offer but make it Organic AND Fairtrade! Support the workers and farmers who grow the ingredients you love by opting for Fairtrade. Our turmeric is pretty remarkable… With its huge health benefits, versatile nature and magnificent colour combined it’s incredibly easy to get your daily dose of curcumin while enjoying the earthy, peppery spice.

Add this Fairtrade spice to curries, soups, stews, sauces and marinades and any dish you wish to colour yellow (such as rice). Turmeric can even be used as a substitute for saffron and is one of the traditional ingredients use to give piccalilli its yellow colouring. Try packing turmeric into capsules for a healthy homemade supplement, create a healthy glass of golden milk, blend into smoothies and don’t forget the turmeric tea!

Fairtrade Organic Ground Cinnamon

The Fairtrade Premium and the Fairtrade Minimum Price are driving real change, right now. The Fairtrade Minimum Price provides a safety net that protects farmers from low prices for their crops meaning our Fairtrade Organic Ground Cinnamon is improving quality of life!

Cinnamon can be added to both sweet and savoury dishes, sprinkle into bread, biscuit, cake and muffin recipes, it can be added to curry powder blends, stirred in to soups, stews and tagines., it works well with chicken, lamb and beef. Add to crumble toppings and the fillings of apple and pumpkin pies, sprinkle onto porridge, muesli, pancakes for a sweet spicy flavour. You can also blend it into butter and make spicy cinnamon toast, try the butter on toasted teacakes and crumpets to! The spice can also be added to scented sachets and pot pourri mixes and used as flavouring for mulled wine and cider.

Fairtrade Organic Black Peppercorns

Introducing salt’s best friends… Black Peppercorns! Every kitchen needs a stash of this popular spice so why not make it organic with our Soil Association approved peppercorns? Bring the bold, aromatic and woody flavours we all know and love to your recipes.

Did you know Fairtrade farmers and workers choose how they spend the Fairtrade Premium, which they can use to make their farms and communities stronger? It also allows them to invest in different ways of making money, so that they are less reliant on the unpredictable cocoa market. Read more about the Fairtrade Premium

Black pepper is one of THE most versatile spices out there and can be used in all kinds of savoury and sweet recipes. Whole peppercorns can be added to pickling vinegars, brines and to marinades, soups and stocks. Try grinding peppercorns in a peppermill and add to biscuits, salad dressings and sauces or simply use as a classic condiment.

Fairtrade Organic Cinnamon Sticks (3 inch)

Our Fairtrade Organic Cinnamon Sticks are all for women’s empowerment!  Fairtrade is supporting more women farmers to take the reins and stand tall alongside men. Fairtrade Standards make sure that they have a voice in their community, are represented in decision-making and benefit from Fairtrade. We know that independent income in the hands of women brings positive change to communities even faster.

Cinnamon can be added to both sweet and savoury dishes, sprinkle into bread, biscuit, cake and muffin recipes, it can be added to curry powder blends, stirred in to soups, stews and tagines, it works well with chicken, lamb and beef. Add to crumble toppings and the fillings of apple and pumpkin pies, sprinkle onto porridge, muesli, pancakes for a sweet spicy flavour. Whole pieces of cinnamon can be added to pilau rice, to scented sachets and potpourri mixes and to mulled wine and cider blends.

Fairtrade Organic Ground Ginger

While you can’t protect the planet without protecting its people first, rigorous Fairtrade Standards support farmers to protect the environment and the Fairtrade Premium is enabling them to invest in climate resilience and adaptation. This means our Fairtrade Organic Ground Ginger is better for the environment!

Ginger is a store cupboard essential that lends itself to use in both savoury and sweet dishes. It is a popular spice in Asian cuisine; and can be added to soups, curries, jams, pickles, puddings, biscuits, breads and scones. Stir into marinades, dressings, sauces and dips. It works particularly well with chicken and fish and blends well with fruit and vegetable dishes. Ginger powder can be used to make the classic drink ginger beer; it can also be made into a tea to help relieve dyspepsia.

Fairtrade Organic White Peppercorns

White pepper has a milder flavour than black pepper and has a distinctive ‘bite’, it is used in Asia cuisine and is the preferred choice of pepper for chefs when seasoning light coloured foods such as Béchamel sauce, mashed potato and savoury custards. Use as a table condiment or add to salad dressings and sauces. White pepper has a milder taste than black pepper and can be used as both a condiment and a seasoning.

Fairtrade Organic Ground Black Pepper

Keep an eye out for the Fairtrade logo when shopping (it really is that simple!) Take our Fairtrade Organic Ground Black Pepper, making a simple swap to this ingredient can make a world of difference…

Black pepper is one of the most versatile spices and can be used in all kinds of savory recipes, it can also be used in sweet recipes, try dusting strawberries or watermelon lightly with black pepper to bring out their flavours, black pepper can also be added to biscuits and sugar cookies. Add to salad dressings and sauces and use as a condiment.

Fairtrade Organic Cloves

Add to sweet bread, cakes especially rich fruit cakes and tea loves, muffins and dessert recipes such as apple pie, fruit crumble and stewed fruit. Cloves can also be used in savoury dishes; they complement the flavour of rich game, pork, gammon and poultry. Whole cloves can be used to make scented pomanders using lemons, oranges, limes and apples as a base, they can also be added to pot-pourri and be used to stud a ham or gammon prior to baking.

Fairtrade Organic Whole Nutmeg

Get Fairtrade delivered to your door with our Fairtrade Organic Whole Nutmeg! Nutmeg has an aromatic, sweet, rich, spicy flavour, which works well with both sweet and savoury dishes. Nutmeg is usually grated on/into dishes. It is an ideal partner for dairy dishes including milky puddings such as junket, rice pudding and cheese sauces, use to season risotto, homemade sausages and burgers. It works well sprinkled on to vegetables such as carrots, potato and spinach and can enhance the flavour of meat sauces such as bolognese and chilli. A little goes a long way!


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