Festive Gift Wrapping Ideas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas which means you’ll soon be preparing gifts for your loved ones. Once you’ve found the perfect present it’s time to get wrapping! Gift wrapping can be just as important as the gift itself as it lets your friends and family know that love and care went in to their present. Get creative with our tips and tricks on how to gift wrap this Christmas.

A Traditional Christmas

If you’re heading down the more traditional route of gift giving then you’ll need to get your hands on wrapping paper, ribbon and sellotape. (We recommend investing in a decent sellotape dispenser, it makes life a lot easier this time of year). You can purchase an array of festive wrapping paper in most shops this time of year. If you’re looking for a specific theme we suggest sticking to one colour/pattern for ribbon and one contrasting colour/pattern for the paper. The traditional festive colours are red, green and gold.

Wrapping Paper

Did you know that not all wrapping paper can be recycled? Shiny, metallic and glitter gift wrap is unfortunately not sustainable. No need to worry, we have a top tip for making sure your gift wrap can be recycled and reused! Not only is our solution more cost effective than normal wrapping paper it can also be recycled.

Purchasing a large roll of brown parcel paper costs no where near as much as a roll of small generic wrapping paper and not to mention it allows you to get more creative when it comes to decorating. One roll of brown parcel paper can rap three times more presents than a normal sized Christmas roll. Brown parcel paper is also available with festive patterns and allows you to customise the paper using your artistic skills, the opportunities are endless.

Tape & Twine

Classic sellotape is a quick and easy way of holding your gift wrap in place however, it can’t be recycled and it can also prevent your wrapping paper from being recycled. There are plenty of alternatives to sellotape such as trusty paper tape. Similar to brown parcel paper, brown paper tape is more cost effective and a larger quantity is provided in one roll. We love brown paper tape because it looks a lot more festive and organic than the plastic feel and look sellotape has. Using twine or ribbon to hold gift wrap in place is a more sustainable way of wrapping presents because often the twine and ribbon can be reused. The variety of festive string available adds colour and character to your parcel style gift wrap.

Gift Tags

Gift tags are a personal way of adding small yet meaningful messages to your gifts. We suggest saving your Christmas cards every year and carefully cutting a gift tag shape out of the festive image, place a hole to thread string through and write a message on the back. This creates unique gift tags, recycles your old Christmas cards and will save you money during the festive period.


Now this is the fun part of wrapping a present, especially a Christmas gift. This is where you’re able to let your creative juices flow. If you’re using brown parcel paper you can add your own personalised pattern using art supplies or you can simply slot festive ingredients behind the twine/ribbon. We suggest using Star Anise, Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Orange Slices, Whole Nutmeg and even Whole Cloves as decorations. Not only does this add a deliciously festive smell to your gifts, your friends and family can then use the ingredients in a recipe during the Christmas period. Small cuttings of green pine needles forms a contrast in colours and life to your parcels.

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