Fajita Spice Blend FAQ

What is in our Fajita Spice Blend?

Our Fajita Spice is an authentic blend of garlic granules, minced onion, oregano, allspice berries, chilli powder, cinnamon, mustard, nutmeg and sea salt, all ground together to give you a deliciously spicy seasoning mix.

Where is our Fajita Spice Blend blended?

Our Fajita Spice Blend is blended in the UK.

What does our Fajita Spice Blend look like?

Our Fajita Spice Blend is a reddish colour, free flowing powder.

What does our Fajita Spice Blend taste like?

Our Fajita Spice Blend has an aromatic, characteristic and typical flavour.

What is the suggested use for our Fajita Spice Blend?

Create the perfect fajita in no time at all with this delicious blend! But that’s not all this versatile blend can do… The seasoning can also be used as a rub for poultry and meat, a marinade or added to Mexican style breads, dips and sauces. The blend works with meat, poultry, ‘meaty’ fish such as monkfish and vegetables.

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