Fairtrade Organic White Peppercorns FAQ

What are Fairtrade White Peppercorns?

Pepper comes from a perennial, woody, climbing vine native to south-western India but is now cultivated in Africa, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It grows to a height of 2-5 metres and uses surrounding trees and structures to support it. The leaves are entire, alternate, 5-10cm in length and cordately ovate in shape, dark glossy-green in colour. The flowers are small, yellowy-white to greenish-white in colour and present in clusters of long drooping spikes 4-8cm in length in the leaf nodes. As the pepper berries develop, the spikes lengthen to between 7-15cm.

What is the Latin name for Peppercorns?

The Latin name for Peppercorns is Piper nigrum. Other names for White Peppercorns are White Pepper, Blanc Poivre, Pimienta Blanca, Weißer Pfeffer, Hu Jiao Mian, Saphed Mirch and Beyaz Biber.

What plant family do Peppercorns come from?

Peppercorns come from the plant family known as Piperaceae.

How would you describe the flavour of White Peppercorns?

White pepper has a milder flavour than black pepper and has a distinctive ‘bite’.

Are our Fairtrade White Peppercorns Organic?

Yes! Our Fairtrade White Peppercorns are Soil Association approved.

What is the suggested use for White Peppercorns?

White Peppercorns are often used in Asian cuisine and is the preferred choice of pepper when seasoning light coloured foods such as Béchamel sauce, mashed potato and savoury custards. Use as a table condiment or add to salad dressings and sauces. Use as both a condiment and a seasoning.

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