Dazzling Date Night Ideas At Home

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner which means a fun date night is on the horizon! Stuck for ideas? Well here’s some ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Beautiful Beverages & Fabulous Food

Trying something new with your loved one is a great way to spend Valentine’s Day (especially when it’s super scrumptious).

  1. Have a taster session from the comfort of your own home with some seriously scrumptious recipes.
  2. See who can make the best cocktails (this one might get a little competitive!) Click here for alcoholic recipes.
  3. Take it in turns to cook the starter, main and dessert and get creative in the kitchen together. From sweet to savoury, you can find all our Valentine recipes here.
  4. Have a themed foodie night in. Love French food? How about Italian? Explore your favourite cuisine together. Shop Italian flavours.
  5. Couples who bake together, stay together! Bake a cake, whip up a batch of heart shaped biscuits or go the extra mile and make marvellous macrons. Explore our baking recipes here.
Perfectly Pampered


Set up a luxurious and romantic spa date without the big price tag. Slip into your comfy clothes and relax!

  1. Make your own easy face masks and pamper each other. Explore our collection here and see which one takes your fancy.
  2. Scatter dried petals on the bed as a romantic surprise. Shop natural dried flowers here.
  3. Say no to electricity and light candles for a relaxing atmosphere.
  4. Run a bath for your loved one to relax before bed and present them with these homemade bath bombs.
Indoor Picnic

Lets face it, it’s too cold to eat alfresco this time of year but you can still experience a romantic picnic by laying a blanket on your living room floor and piling up the nibbles and drinks!  Click here for some inspo.

Exchange Gifts

Homemade gifts are a heartfelt way of showing your loved one you care (and if you’re both trying to save money then even better!)  Click here for a sweet gift idea. Click here for cosmetic gift ideas.

Couples Trivia

Have a fun game of couples trivia at home, perfect for new couples who are still getting to know each other or a great way to refresh your memory for you long term lovers!

  1. What’s your partner’s favourite colour?
  2. If your partner could have any pet what would it be?
  3. Name a country your partner would love to visit.
  4. What’s your partner’s favourite food?
  5. What’s your partner’s favourite movie?
  6. What’s your partner’s number one fear?
  7. Who takes longer to get ready?
  8. Who’s the better cook?
  9. Who said “I love you” first?
  10. What’s your partner’s greatest achievement?


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