A guide to the perfect Christmas table

The perfect Christmas is of course being surrounded by your loved ones but if you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to add that extra festive feeling to your table this Christmas then you’ve come to the right place…


Just like you’d plan your Christmas dinner it’s also a good idea to have a plan for the table decor if you’re looking for a breath taking table display. Choosing a colour scheme is always a good start. If you have gold cutlery you may lean towards a black and gold Christmas table whereas if your cutlery is silver you may go down a more traditional route. Ideally you’d select three to four colours for your display. You’ll also want to consider details such as tablecloths, candles, napkins and Christmas crackers. Be sure to make a list and prepare in advance so you’re organised before the big day.

Tips & Tricks

Small details can make a huge difference to your table display such as binding your cutlery together with festive ribbon or string to add a sophisticated feel to your table. Place your cutlery on to a small plate a long with a folded napkin with decorations scattered around to create a bold statement. This also makes sure the cutlery doesn’t go unnoticed amongst your other festive decorations. A quick and easy way to add life to a Christmas table is adding a garland to the centre of the table with tea lights dotted around.

If you’re having a lot of people around for Christmas you may want to consider a seating plan to avoid confusion. This also creates opportunity to add small personal touches to each individual seating area. We suggest decorating the table the night before the big day, allowing you to spend more time getting the table right and less time rushing around on Christmas morning.

Whether you’re making your own condiments or using shop bought it’s always a nice touch to decant your sauces in to small festive bowls. If your table is starting to feel over crowded with sauces, decorations and drinks, creating a drinks station frees up a lot of space and allows your table to stay on theme. This can be done by purchasing a small drinks trolley or using a side table to place all bottles, ingredients to garnish and ice.

Festive Ingredients

Adding festive ingredients to your table is an easy yet organic way of decorating. We suggest using Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise, Whole Nutmeg, Dried Orange Slices and Whole Cloves to add character to your table (not to mention the smell is delightfully festive!) Simply scatter around the table or strategically place around the cutlery, plates or add to a decorative garland. If you’re opting out of Christmas crackers at the table this year but still want to add a gift/talking point then you can add small DIY kits for each guest. We will be placing our Mulled Wine Spice Kit on each side plate this year. This ties in with the festive ingredient theme and allows your guests to get creative with their gift at home.

Enjoy yourself

This is the most important tip of them all! Don’t feel pressure for everything to be perfect. Christmas is meant to be a fun and relaxing time shared with friends and family so however you decorate your table make sure you’re having a wonderful Christmas.

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