Chinese Five Spice FAQs

What is Chinese Five Spice?

Chinese Five Spice is a popular Asian blend used in a large variety of recipes. Our Chinese Five Spice is a tasty blend of 5 delicious spices.

Are there any alternative names for Chinese Five Spice?

Chinese Five Spice is also known as Five Spice Powder.

What is in our Chinese Five Spice?

Our Chinese Five Spice contains Fennel Seed, Cassia, Black Pepper, Star Anise and Cloves.

What does our Chinese Five Spice look like?

This spice blend is a rich golden brown powder with a tendency to form lumps.

Is there any added salt or sugar in our Chinese Five Spice?

There is no added salt or sugar in this blend!

What is the suggested use for Chinese Five Spice?

The rich, warming aromatic blend can be used to add flavour to oriental cuisine, capturing some of the basic flavours of Chinese cuisine, sweet, sour, savoury and bitter. Chinese Five Spice can even be mixed with salt and used as a table condiment. Add to marinades, stocks and sauces, use as a dry marinade for prawns, white fish, chicken, duck, beef, pork and vegetables, add to soups, sauces, rice dishes and stir fries. The blend can also be added to biscuit and muffin recipes and used to make a mulled with an aniseed twist.

Can you give an example of a dish that calls for Chinese Five Spice?

To serve 4 people take 225g diced meat of your choice and 350g fresh vegetables and stir fry in a little oil such as sesame or sunflower until cooked. Before the dish is finished sprinkle in a little Garlic Powder and Chinese Five Spice and continue stir frying for 2 minutes.


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