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We are pretty proud of our Fairtrade range of products and we’re not the only ones…

All of our wonderful Fairtrade herbs and spices, everything from Cloves to Curry Leaves, are provided by Bio Foods, a company devoted to Organic and Fairtrade produce who source directly from certified small and medium producer groups in Sri Lanka.

Bio Foods actively support these producers, bringing them together to form producer associations through which they can work together to improve the condition and productivity of their land  – by converting to environmentally friendly farming practices, adhering to Organic principles and respecting the local ecological ethics.

These farming methods enrich the soil structure and uplift the biodiversity of the farmland, thereby increasing the productivity.


Being a Fairtrade company means that Bio Foods can provide their producers with security.

Farmers are guaranteed a minimum price for all raw materials, independent of market prices and money from Fairtrade premiums are allocated to community development and improving social standards.

Bio Foods are devoted to:

–  Supporting the adoption of organic agricultural methods.

–  Enhancing the socio economic standards of their members.

–  Helping to improve the educational facilities to family members of producer.

–  Contributing to activities related to religious, cultural & social in the area.

–  Conducting programs to protect the environment

Case Study: NEOPA – North East Organic Producers Association

Bio Foods are proud to help develop the livelihoods of small and marginalized farmers in several districts of Sri Lanka. Through the three producer associations they have developed, they are able to work directly with farmers and give them the support they need.

The North East Organic Producers Association (NEOPA) is the latest producer association that Bio Foods have launched in Sri Lanka.

Due to prolonged unrest in the north and eastern regions of Sri Lanka, there are many Tamil and Muslim communities who have been displaced, as well as large areas of agricultural land which have been neglected for several years and are in need of careful management.

Working with NEOPA these communities are working to implement ‘harmony from nature to culture’ a new model which will:

–  Move away from conventional farming model of paddy cultivation in the low lands which often using excessive quantities of irrigation water or rain water.

–  Allow farmers to escape competition created by seasonal gluts which lead to the vicious circle of price fluctuation.

–  Educate communities to cultivate a range of crops which have a high export market and are less affected by the climate change.

–  Provide training and engage farmers in organic farming to cultivate different crops which have a high market value and require low external inputs.

Bio Foods have taken the initiative, in consultation with the government officials and international donor community, to uplift the livelihood of the farming community by introducing organic farming practices, supporting irrigation systems and creating an export market for the organic crops.

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