Barbecue Spice Blend FAQs

What’s in your Barbecue Spice Blend?

We experimented with only the best quality herbs and spices to bring you a carefully selected and expertly blended mix of garlic, onion, rosemary, allspice, black pepper, chillies, cumin, mustard, paprika, ginger and salt to give you an incredibly versatile spice blend.

Can it only be used on meat?

Our fantastically tasty Barbecue spice is blended to help add delicious flavours of the barbecue to all of your meat and vegetable dishes.

Does this spice only work with BBQ food?

Our blend will help your summer BBQ’s sizzle, but it can be used all the year round! Sprinkle a little over freshly made popcorn and before cooking homemade potato crisps for a spicy savoury twist.

What is the suggested use?

The blend works with meat, poultry, ‘meaty’ fish such as monkfish and vegetables. We suggest mixing our Barbecue Spice Blend with oil or yogurt to make a spicy marinade for chicken, meat and fish or add a little to a breadcrumb coating for chicken or fish. Try using this spice blend to make marinades and spicy dips and sprinkle on to potato wedges to make barbecue spiced wedges. When mixed with mayonnaise, our Barbecue Spice Blend makes a tasty dip/condiment.

Where is this spice blend blended?

Our Barbecue Spice Blend is blended in the United Kingdom.

How would you describe the flavour and odour?

Aromatic and characteristic.

How would you describe the appearance of this spice blend?


An orangey brown free flowing powder with visible flecks of Rosemary.

Is this ingredients suitable for vegetarians and vegans?


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