7 Ingredients You Need This Valentine’s Day

Ten must-have ingredients to celebrate the most romantic day of the year!

1. Pink Rose Buds

Nothing says Valentine’s like roses, especially our Hand Selected Pink Rose buds! Scatter around the house, add to pot pourri, decorate cakes, biscuits and desserts or garnish beautiful beverages with these all natural dried flowers. Pink Rose Buds can even be added to relaxing baths or used to decorate homemade cosmetics. Shop now.

2. Beetroot Powder

Move over artificial colours! Transform your beverages and baked goods into powerfully pink creations that are oh so Instagram-worthy with our all natural Beetroot Powder. You can even try making your own pink spaghetti, lasagne and burgers with this pink powder. Shop now.

3. Heather Flowers

How to use our Heather Flowers? Add a splash of colour to wrapping paper, create DIY soaps or use as a natural confetti when mixed with rose petals! Shop now.

4. Pink Himalayan Salt

Swap your table salt for our Pink Himalayan Salt for that extra special touch this Valentine’s Day. (Psst… it’s even believed that Himalayan Salt has a better texture and flavour than conventional salt does). Shop now.

5. Rose Petals

You might’ve seen plastic rose petals being sold in shops around this time of year and you may think they’re the perfect way to celebrate February 14th but we’ve got something even better… Opt for all natural rose petals this Valentine’s Day and be kind to mother nature. (They can be used to garnish beverages, meals and cosmetics and can even be popped in the bath unlike plastic rose petals). Shop now.

6. Pink Peppercorns

Not only are our Pink Peppercorns a delightful addition to your Valentine’s table because of their powerfully pink colour, they also make the perfect ingredient for peppercorn sauce to serve with steak. Get your table for two sorted with these popular peppercorns that go with just about any dish from chicken, fish and salads to marinades, vinegars and syrups. Shop now.

7. Lavender Flowers

Our Lavender Flowers Cleaned are food grade which makes them ideal for culinary use. Why not use to flavour cakes, biscuits, desserts and savoury dishes? We suggest adding these dried flowers to sleep pillows and scented sachets so your loved one can have a relaxing nights sleep. If you’re feeling extra creative, add to lotions, creams and shampoos or sprinkle into a luxurious bath! Shop now.

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