7 Birthday Gift Ideas

Looking for some Birthday inspiration? Look no further than our tips on what to give that special someone on their big day…

Health & Well-being Presents

Allow the birthday girl/boy to unwind and relax with a gift that’s been handmade with love. Have a go at making your own soaps, face masks, sugar scrubs and moisturisers, place in to a decorative container and finish with a ribbon!

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Homemade Gifts

If you’re naturally creative, don’t let your talents go to waste! A Birthday is the perfect opportunity for you to create a homemade gift. From handmade candles, personalised cards and home decor to baked goods and homemade beer, the opportunities are endless!

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Personalised Hamper

Fill a hamper with your loved ones favourite things for their very special day! From tea lovers, star bakers and budding chefs to beer drinkers, arts and crafts enthusiasts and gin lovers, there’s nothing better than knowing someone put a lot of thought and effort in to the gift by catering to their interests.

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Birthday Cake

Everybody loves cake, it’s a crowd pleaser and guaranteed to put a smile on your loved ones face. You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of a showstopping birthday cake, so get your apron on and dust off the mixing bowl it’s time to bake!

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Gift Cards

The classic gift card provides guilt free shopping which is bound to please everyone on their Birthday!

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A Three Course Meal

It doesn’t have to be fancy and intricate but nothing shows you care quite as much as whipping up a homemade meal. Find out what their favourite food is and get cooking…

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Barbecue or picnic

If giving gifts isn’t your strong point then preparing a picnic or barbecue may be more your thing. Being surrounded by friends and family with great food and drink is guaranteed to make any Birthday one to remember!

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