6 Ways To Use Pumpkins After Halloween

STOP! You weren’t going to throw that pumpkin out were you?! 🎃 Even if it’s been carved or painted, you can put that orange beauty to use! Let’s get started…

Cooking Your Pumpkin 🎃

Good news for those who decided not to carve their pumpkins this year, you’ve got yourself a delicious pumpkin pie ingredient or how about some comforting homemade pumpkin soup? The list is endless! Find our pumpkin recipes here.

Selfcare 🎃

Same again, if you didn’t carve your pumpkin this year, get those pumpkin guts on your hair, face and skin for a Vitamin A, C and E packed moisturiser!

Seeds 🎃

Once you’ve plucked the seeds out of your autumnal pumpkin, clean them, season them and roast them for a tasty, nutritious snack.

Gardening 🎃

Next year’s Halloween is sorted, simply save your pumpkin seeds, plant them in late May/early June for your very own pumpkin patch in October!

Feed The Birds 🎃

Birds love to snack on pumpkin pieces (just make sure they haven’t been painted!) Cut open your pumpkin and leave it outside for birds to peck on. (Try hanging it from a tree to avoid spooky cats!)

Create Compost 🎃

Pumpkins are the perfect addition to your compost pile because they are mostly water so they decompose quickly!

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As an animal lover and baking enthusiast, Georgia can often be found experimenting with plant-based recipes in her kitchen.

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