Six Creative Easter Activity Ideas

Easter is your opportunity to have fun, get creative and eats lots of delightful food. That’s why we’ve put together six ways we enjoy celebrating all things Spring!

1. Egg Decorating

Decorating eggs isn’t just a fun activity for children to express their creativity, it’s also a great way of creating original handmade Easter decorations for your home. Place your colourful eggs in a bowl as a centrepiece for your table or write your friends and families name on the shell and use as a place card in preparation for Easter Sunday. (We suggest using fake eggs so you can reuse them every time Easter comes a long!) There are a number of ways in which you can decorate eggs, from paint, food colouring and dyes however, we’ve gone down the more natural route and used our vibrant ingredients to stain our eggs.

All you have to do is fill a container with enough water to cover one egg a long with one teaspoon of white vinegar. Spoon in your chosen powder and mix. Carefully drop the egg in to the water using a spoon or ladle and watch your egg change colour! The more powder used, the darker the egg will be.

Blue/Purple – Blueberry Powder

Yellow – Turmeric

Green – Spinach Powder or Spirulina Powder

Orange – Cinnamon or Ground Mace

Red – Beetroot

Find our entire range of naturally colourful ingredients here.

2. Homemade Easter Eggs

Just the thought of making our own Easter eggs was pretty intimidating but now we’re kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner! Trust us, the process is easier than you’d think and if it doesn’t go to plan, at least it still tastes great

Find our Easter egg recipe here.

Incorporate your homemade chocolate eggs in to a dessert and impress your friends and family with an Easter egg bowl. Filled with your favourite ingredients, these gourmet eggs are quite possibly the best discovery we’ve had so far this year.

Find our gourmet Easter egg recipe here.

3. Easter Egg Hunt

A classic Easter activity that gives you an excuse to use your homemade eggs. Fun for all the family to get involved, either in your own garden or in a local park. If April showers arrive, not to worry, try hunting for colourful eggs and sweet treats inside as a rainy day activity with the kids.

4. Easter Breakfasts

It’s the Easter holidays, why have the same old boring breakfast when you can make

the most important meal of the day extra fun? (And it’s something you’ll want to share with your followers and show off your impressive creative skills).

Find our Easter Pancake recipe here

Find our Playful Easter Porridge recipe here

5. Easter Lunch

Last year we were so impressed by Kim Joy’s baking style in The Great British Bake Off that she’s inspired us to create an Easter character themed lunch! If you want to go the extra mile, you can purchase Easter cutters and cut your food in to the shape of Easter rabbits, eggs and flowers. So cute!

Find our range of ingredients here to help you create your tasty lunches and tag us in your Easter lunch pictures on Instagram @justingredients

6. Easter Baking

From traditional hot cross buns, Easter biscuits and bundt cake to homemade Easter eggs, sweet and savoury breads and carrot cake, we have a recipe for everyone! Celebrate in style with our Springtime recipes here.



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