5 DIY Tea Blends You Can Make At Home

Enjoy a different tea each day by getting creative with herbs, spices and of course… TEA!

1. Apple Pie Tea

Everyone’s favourite dessert but in tea form! (It’s also caffeine free so the kids can enjoy too)

You need:

Top tip: Once infused in hot water, add some chocolate for a much creamier and sweeter tea!

2. Relaxing Chamomile

This is a calming tea so it’s best drank before bed due to it’s soothing nature…

You need:

Top tip: If you’re looking for a stronger sleepy time tea then replace the ginger with Valerian Root!

3. Refreshing Hibiscus

The colour of this tea is just stunning and the taste is oh so refreshing. It makes a perfect summer drink whether you drink it hot or cold.

You need:

Top tip: Hibiscus works perfectly a long side Rosehip… You can find a blend of the two teas here.

4. Gorgeous Green Tea

We all know and love Green Tea but once you steep it in hot water with Linden flowers it’s de-lish!

You need:

5. Chai Tea Blend

A classic tea that’s easy to customise with a variety of spices and is best when served with milk!

You need:

Top tip: Other ingredients that enhance the flavour of Chai Tea are Star Anise, Nutmeg or Vanilla.


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