10 Essential Ingredients This Christmas

10 essential ingredients you need to make this Christmas the best one yet!

1. Nutmeg

When most people think of festive ingredients nutmeg is almost always the first ingredient that pops up. Perhaps it’s because of it’s intense nutty and slightly sweet taste as well as warm flavour or maybe it’s contribution to traditional eggnog and Christmas cake recipes. Nutmeg is also a key ingredient in pumpkin spice which makes it a strong contender for the most autumnal and festive ingredient around! You can find our range of nutmeg ingredients here.

2. Cinnamon

Is it really Christmas if you don’t have cinnamon in your kitchen cupboards?! It’s THE most Christmas-y scented ingredient in the world and can be used to make potpourri, delicious baked goods, festive beverages and can even be powerfully delicious in savoury dishes. Not only is cinnamon an extremely versatile ingredient, it also comes in all shapes and forms which makes it perfect for Christmas crafts and gift wrapping. Explore our range of cinnamon products here.

3. Dried Orange Slices

Deck the halls with orange slices, pop into a festive drink or use to garnish your baked goods. Whatever you do this Christmas, make sure it involves the most traditional fruit of the festive season! You can find our Dried Orange Slices here.

4. Star Anise

This ingredients is so committed to Christmas that it’s in the shape of a star! Despite it’s sweetness, Star Anise is often used in savoury recipes such as soups, stews and broths (ideal for escaping from the winter wonderland outside). It’s the ideal spice for creating Christmas crafts, popping into a glass of Mulled Wine or placed on top of a traditional festive cake. Take a look at our Star Anise products here.

5. Ginger

Gingerbread men, gingerbread lattes, ginger cake, the list goes on and on! Ginger can be used in so many different ways so there’s no surprise that it has made it’s way on to our Christmas list. The festive spice really makes itself known when it comes to showstopping traditional gingerbread houses, held together with royal icing and decorated with a variety of sweet ingredients. Shop our range of ginger ingredients here.

6. Stuffing Mix

Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without a generous serving of stuffing! Our Stuffing Spice Mix is a delicious combination of safe, onion, lemon and thyme; packed full of flavour it’s

perfect for all your stuffing needs. To make your own delicious stuffing, simply mix 25g of our stuffing spice mix to 100g of breadcrumbs and stir in 50g of melted butter. Roll into balls and pop into the oven at 180 degrees for 20 minutes, or until browned. Serve with roasted vegetables and your choice of meat or a nut roast. Get our Stuffing Spice Mix here.

7. Currants

Did you really think we’d forget about the key ingredient in classic Christmas cake recipes and mouthwatering mince pies?! You simply can’t celebrate the holidays without a currant or two (or a couple hundred…)  Stock up here.

8. Cloves

Push some cloves in to an orange and you’ve got yourself an aromatic festive pomander or press into honey-glazed gammon for a boxing day feast! We have a wide selection of clove ingredients which you can find here.

9. Mulled Wine Spice Blend & Glühwein

There’s a reason Mulled Wine is served at Christmas markets and that’s because it’s deliciously warming and oh so festive! Our Mulled Wine Spice Blend is an aromatic blend of specially selected spices and fruit peels. Just 1-2 tablespoons of our mulled wine spice blend – depending how spiced you like the end result to be – will transform a bottle of red wine into a delicious warming drink; add a little demerara sugar to taste to the wine and spices and some fresh slices of orange and warm gently, do not boil, once warmed through, pour into mugs or heat proof glasses and enjoy! If you don’t drink use red grape juice or pomegranate juice. Find our blend here. Our Glühwein consists of cassia, lemon peel and cloves, another fantastically festive beverage to add to your list!

10. Almonds

Move over chestnuts, there’s a new festive nut in town! You’ll often find festive recipes that call for almonds but these versatile nuts also make a deliciously nutritious snack during the holiday season when roasted or even caramelised. You can find our almonds here.

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